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Who is Barkhaus?


Born in Venezuela, where he first realized his passion for animals, Andres grew up surrounded by many breeds of dogs.  He created a special bond with his family's first pet rottweiler and from that point on he had a calling to have a better understanding and relationship with man's best friend. After coming to the US, Andres followed his intuition and studied zoology. He trained, enriched and cared for the collection at the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo in Florida for two years. He enjoyed zookeeping, however felt a stronger calling towards canines and their relationship with their humans - something that was deeply embedded in him since childhood


This is how Barkhaus came to light. 

Andres focuses on helping owners have a better understanding of their dogs, which in turn leads to a better relationship. He helps owners guide their dogs in the right direction through exercise, trust, respect, love and strong leadership. All canines, regardless of age or breed, must be fulfilled and led down the right path in order to achieve harmony in their lives and within their human packs. They look for a strong leader and Andres has the knowledge and experience to help owners become that driving force in their dogs' lives.

As a child Natalie knew that she would spend her life surrounded by animals. She grew up caring for many pets including dogs, small rodents and birds. Natalie felt a strong pull towards the entire animal kingdom and studied animal science and business at the University of Florida.  On her path to where she is now, she previously worked on a horse breeding farm and as a small animal veterinary technician for upwards of four years. She worked in many prestigious large and small animal hospitals throughout Florida and carries her extensive experience in canine wellness and emergency care with her. While Natalie's passion for veterinary medicine was strong, she felt a greater calling to her canine friends. Instead of helping to improve a dog's physical health at a clinic, Natalie now strives to help all dogs feel their happiest.

Apart from being Andres' life partner and number one fan, she is the creative force and business leader behind Barkhaus. She is the photographer, webmaster and female pack leader. Working hand in hand with Andres, she brings a different source of energy into the Haus.

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