This program has been created for dogs who require mental and physical stimulation while their owners are away.


Excessive barking

Separation anxiety


Unwanted chewing in the household

Leash reactivity & pulling

Lashing out against other dogs or humans



If you answered yes to any of the above, then it's time to help your dog release some energy and curb these unwanted behaviors! Even if you didn't say yes, your dog will benefit greatly from time spent with the pack. Barkhaus daycare is designed for active, social dogs as well as those who may be getting into trouble at home due to boredom and anxiety. 


Dogs are picked up in the morning and will be able to enjoy a day's worth of activities with all of their new buddies. Pack adventures include - but are not limited to - walks, urban socialization, bike rides, beach trips, day hikes and anything else Hawaii brings their way! The adventures vary on a daily basis to provide new sights, smells and stimuli.


Barkhaus pack walks teach and reinforce proper leash etiquette. A daily structured pack walk establishes bonds among the pack members and each individual becomes a member of the Barkhaus pack - staying focused on the leaders and heeling appropriately while avoiding distractions.


Throughout your dog's experience while with Barkhaus leaders, they will practice all basic obedience and commands such as "sit, stay, down, out, no." Barkhaus puts a heavy emphasis on structure and proper socialization. All pack members will receive a healthy dose of human and dog interaction while owners are away. 


The pack gets tons of exercise in a controlled and balanced environment, so the dog that you return home to is happy and fulfilled. 


Personalized feedback is offered to each and every client to continue helping lead their pets on the right path. 

Does your dog exhibit any of the following behaviors: