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Relationship Based
Dog Training


Excessive barking

Separation anxiety


Jumping & greeting guests with excitement

Unwanted chewing in the household

Leash reactivity & pulling

Lashing out against other dogs or humans

High prey drive

Resource guarding

If you answered yes to any of the above, then it's time to make a change!

Training should encompass every aspect of a dog's life -- from home obedience to urban socialization. With positive, strong leadership, Barkhaus will help guide you and your dog through any and all issues you may be facing. Relationship based training means building a healthy and positive friendship with your dog that is both constructive and fulfilling for both of you. 


Dogs live in the moment and with Barkhaus training techniques, the results will speak for themselves. Whether you've got a new addition to the family and need puppy training or an adult dog with issues that needs behavior modification, we will work together towards a happier, healthier and more relaxed relationship between you and your dog.


You will be taught how to very simply communicate with basic commands along with strong positive energy and body language. Barkhaus trainers and owners work together to tackle issues and phobias head on in any setting. Owners will also learn appropriate leash manners and etiquette. Walking your dog should be a pleasant experience!


Every dog should be able to live content and peacefully with their owners in any environment. As the leaders, it is the human's job to give the dogs a strong foundation by providing structure. Barkhaus will teach owners how to handle and lead their dog in any type of setting or situation.


Your dog is a member of the family, treat her like it!

Does your dog exhibit any of the following behaviors:

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